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We work with general contractors in Ventura on new construction projects, providing painting and related services. Like all of our services, we perform thorough preparation and meticulous detail and work on all projects, including:

Drywall Installation and Texture Finishes

We install drywall and can create a variety of hand applied and sprayer applied drywall textures including Sante Fe, Skip Trowel, Splatter Knockdown, Swirl, and Orange Peel. Almost every home in Ventura has drywall, and we’ve hung every kind of drywall on various projects including textured drywall, smooth drywall, and unfinished sheetrock.

New Window Paint and Finish

We can carefully finish wood or paint trim areas around new windows. We can work with any type of finish, stain, or varnish to create a detailed and polished appearance. These features in a home can be a challenge to perfect because there’s often a convergence of many different elements including glass, wood, and drywall. We carefully prepare each surface, thoroughly mask all adjacent areas, and produce the sharpest looking windows and window sills possible.

Tract Work Painting

We’re well equipped with ten separate painting crews to paint complete tracts of homes on new construction projects. Ventura has many new land developments at the moment with townhomes, condos, and gated neighborhoods popping up in several areas. This is an area of painting contracting that we excel in. We are experienced working with homeowners associations, providing city contract, state contract, and insurance related painting services. We understand the responsibility associated with medium to large scale projects, and the need to produce high quality work consistently on time and within budget.

Cabinet Finishes and Specialty Staining

We use the best quality finishes and stains to accentuate woodwork and add an amazing visual presence to kitchens and bathrooms. We can create satin stains which provide a strong seal or we can give cabinets glazes and highlights which tint the wood to create a colorful effect. Painting cabinets creates a different look that can be perfect for the right home. We can paint cabinets with a hard coated paint to help protect cabinets from chipping and damage, and painted cabinets can also be embellished with additional textures and effects to create unique looks.

Concrete Staining and Sealing

Concrete is susceptible to moisture, which can penetrate concrete surfaces and cause cracking, concaving, and other damage. Sealing concrete fills its pores and helps to prevent moisture related damage. We can work with a variety of sealers including film-forming sealers, thin coat sealers, lacquers, and glazes. Concrete staining is starting to appear in more homes in Ventura County. Concrete staining adds color to a highly polished, super smooth concrete surfaces. This can be observed in some homes as a kitchen or bathroom floor, and it can be a nice alternative to hardwood flooring or natural stone, but in some cases we’ve seen it used throughout most of an entire home. When concrete is stained a coloring agent is applied which seeps into the pores of the surface, so the color actually sets into the concrete, rather than sitting on top of it like a coating or film. Concrete staining is popular for the unique colors and visual effects that can be achieved, and because no two concrete surfaces are identical, each staining project produces a one of a kind look. Concrete is finished by polishing it to create an ultra flat, smooth, brilliant looking surface that is comfortable to the touch.

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