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Austin’s Painting is a professional painting contractor in Ventura, licensed since 1989. Our work focuses on perfecting the fine details of each project, resulting in a highly nuanced finished product. We are licensed, bonded, and insured though the state of California and can produce official certificates upon request. All painting work is completed at the highest level, and quality is guaranteed.

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House Painting in Ventura County

As a painting company in Ventura County, we’re presented with a diverse set of projects on a regular basis. Ventura has a sprawling residential sector with many homes near the beach. Coastal areas tend to be saturated with moist, high humidity, high salt content air, which deteriorates paint, wood, stucco, and other features in homes. As a result, homeowners will find that assorted painting related maintenance is required more frequently than homes located in lower humidity regions. Our residential painting services address issues such as wood deterioration and mold growth, and repair any trouble areas before they cause serious damage. Our house painting crews do amazing work and help to create amazing paint jobs which accentuate the best parts of your home.

Commercial Painting

Cities like Ventura, Oxnard, and Camarillo, are expanding quickly, and businesses regularly open, or move into new locations. We’re a great service for commercial projects because we don’t just offer a color change, we provide thorough wood repairs, wrought iron repairs, custom striping, custom coatings, insurance repairs, mold and mildew removal, lead abatement, and more. These services are important for any painting project, but as every business owner knows, they’re an absolute must have for your business location. Our commercial painting services keep your location compliant, up to local and state standards, and looking amazing at all times.

Painting For Homeowners Associations

We understand special considerations need to be made for townhomes, condos, and other multi-home buildings governed by a homeowners association. For your homeowners association project we provide everything you need including custom paint work, wood and iron repair work, anti-graffiti coating, rain gutter cleaning and painting, mold and mildew removal, lead abatement, and more. We have ten painting crews which allows us to handle projects of all sizes, from condos with just a few units, to gated communities with dozens of separate single family homes. We understand completion time is an important factor on HOA projects, and we’re able to provide quick turnaround on these projects without compromising quality.

Comprehensive Painting Services

We have several unique qualifications which help us stand out from other local painting companies. We work on State and Federal Prevailing Wage Projects, we contract with Homeowner Associations, we provide painting related insurance repairs, and we have P.O. arrangements with Ventura County and the State of California for government work. Established relationships with county, state, financial, and private organizations demonstrates our quality of work, trustworthiness, and professionalism. We also provide painting related services for other special projects including Commercial Tenant Improvement Projects, painting for new construction, and general contractor ground up painting.

We have over ten separate painting crews which allows us to handle dozens of various project types including:
  • Commercial Tenant Improvement Projects
  • New Construction
  • General Contractor Ground Up Construction
  • Residential Repaints
  • Production Track Work
  • Stain and Finish
  • Industrial Finishes and Coatings
  • Dry Wall Installation
  • Stucco Repair and Replacement
  • Wood Repair and Wood Damage Replacement
  • Water Blasting, Cleaning, and Sealing of all exterior surfaces.
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As you can see, we’re uniquely qualified to handle any painting project you may have. We understand you have options, but our combined ability to handle a diverse range of work, manage projects of any size, and complete each task at an extremely high level of quality, makes us the best painting contractor in Ventura County for your needs.

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